A consignment agreement is required to consign with OXANNA Boutique. Therefore, you may also download the Consignment Agreement in a PDF version and bring it to your scheduled appointment.

Our Privacy Statement is also available for your review.




OXANNA Boutique


Consignment Agreement


First Name: _________________      Consignor #______________________

Last Name: _________________       Phone Number:___________________

Address 1: __________________      Email Address____________________

Address 2: __________________      Referred By: _____________________

City/State: ______________­­­­­_­­­­­­___      Birthday:     ______________________





Please initial terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions of this contract will remain in effect until further notice


OXANNA Boutique reserves the right to alter the agreement at any time.


_______ After 90 days, items unsold and unclaimed are considered “expired” and become property of OXANNA Boutique. I understand that it is my responsibility to keep track of my

expiration date(s) and claim unsold items before this date. I understand if I do not choose to pick up my items before their expiration date my account will not be credited or reimbursed for unclaimed items sold or donated after my 90day expiration date.


_______Items that have not sold in their first 30 days are automatically reduced 20%, 60 days are reduced 50% in price. I understand that if I do not want an item to be reduced, I need to pick up the item prior to its half price date and I am responsible for keeping track of this date.

I understand I will not be reimbursed for items sold at half price.


______I understand that consigned items are subject to a 10% reduction at all times for store events and promotions. I understand OXANNA Boutique hosts seasonal sales at the end of the summer and winter seasons. At this time, all seasonal items are marked down an additional percentage assigned at OXANNA Boutique discretion, regardless of when their 90-day cycles started or end.


______I understand that all merchandise is left at my own risk. I understand that despite OXANNA Boutique’s best efforts, theft and damage can occur. I understand I will not be credited for missing or accidentally damaged items.


Consignor Signature : ____________________________ Date ___________




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